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A Business Concern can effectively run in a competitive environment only when it has a great pool of Talent and Expertise among its employees.

Sandero HR understands your needs in terms of your requirement for qualified candidates who can fit into your Company culture and contribute to the business goals of your Organization in a robust manner.

Sandero HR Can definitely help you to meet the Goals of your organization through its Recruiting Services whereby it would identify and recruit best talents in the industry for the specific requirements of your Organization.

Sandero HR can offer you the following under its Recruitment Services:

  • Recruitment of Professional Talent – We will identify and recruit Professional talent with required expertise as per the needs and goals of your Organization
  • Premium group of Direct Hire – This will be that pool of high caliber Candidates which you find difficult to fill. We will fill these positions for your Organization by our resourceful identification, interview, and screening of these Premium group of Candidates.
  • Network Oriented Talent Hunting Services – There are highly Talented professionals who cannot be reached through the normal channels of recruitment as they remain Hidden most of the times. They can be reached only through the process of Networking and Connections. We will identify these candidates through our vast network connections and recruit them for your Organization for that Calculated push that you were looking for in terms of your future company plans and goals.
  • Strategic Consulting– Through our Strategic Consulting services in the area of Hiring and Recruitment, we will provide you an absolutely robust recruiting structure which will fill the gaps and holes in the current recruiting structure that you have in your Organization. Further our professional recruiters will sit with your core team and assess the Strategic needs of your Organization in terms of recruitment and thereafter they will put in action a methodological plan to hire the right talent and expertise in real time scenario.
  • Data Management Services – With the help of high end cutting-edge technology and software solutions, Sandero HR can create and manage your Candidate resources pool which will definitely streamline your recruiting process from beginning to end starting from Identification of the right candidate for the right job, Screening of candidate to match the Candidate’s Talents, Skills and Expertise with the Culture and Goals of the Organization and finally the Recruitment of the Candidate for the Job in hand.
  • Other Value-Added Services – Our Other Value-added Services include personal and professional background checks, Candidates capability and Expertise based assessments and Behavioral assessments in terms of traits and personality.

Choose Sandero HR as your service partner for your Recruitment needs.

Through the Recruiting Services that we offer, we can handle all your recruitment needs beginning from the day to day recruitments to the highly skilled professional recruitments and also the highly Strategic recruitments which can be the game changing factor for your Organization.

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