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Payroll Outsourcing Services

  • Employee Directory
  • Attendance and Leaves
  • Payroll Processing
  • Loan and Advance
  • Employee Based Ticketing
  • Mobile Application
  • Team Location Tracking
  • Asset Management & Tracking
  • Expenses & Reimbursement
  • Employee Self Service
  • Performance Management
  • TDS & Taxation
  • Statutory & Compliance
  • Do-It-Yourself Reports
  • Dashboards

Payroll is an important function of your Organization which helps to run your Organization in a smooth manner with its energy and focus steadily kept on business generation.

Sandero HR, offers you Payroll Outsourcing Services through which it will handle the administration, the paperwork and all the technicalities involved in Payroll function which includes keeping track of all the payroll legislations.

By choosing Sandero HR as your Payroll Service provider, you can be rest assured that your payroll function runs smoothly. On the other hand, you can focus on your prime concern that is Business development.

Through Payroll Outsourcing services provided by Sandero HR, we will provide you entire support through the payroll life-cycle of your employees from the date of their joining to the day of their exit from the company services.  These services include:

  • Monthly Processing of Salaries – This will cover processing of payroll as per the rules and policies and providing you standard and customized reports based on that.
  • Payroll Compliance – This will include Provident Fund (PF), Employee State Insurance (ESI), Professional Tax (PT) and Labour Welfare Fund (LWF). You will be also supported with consolidated reports and assistance during Statuary Audits and Inspections.
  • Processing Reimbursements and arrears – This will cover the Validation of the claims, Integration of the same as per Policies of the company and Consolidation of reports.
  • Employee Query Management–This will include any queries that your employees will have in terms of Salary, Leave, Reimbursements or Tax declarations.
  • Full and Final Settlement – This will cover the management of employee payable days, Leave encashment days, Notice Period Recovery, various proofs that the employee need to submit in terms of investments made, reimbursement claims as required for final settlements and other possible payments and deductions if any.

Thus, the advantages that you will have by outsourcing your payroll function to us through the Payroll Outsourcing Services will be manifold like the readymade reports that we will provide you which will help you to analytically review various aspects of your employee renumeration and performance.

Moreover, the resources that you would have otherwise deployed in managing the payroll function can be now re-deployed elsewhere for better business outcomes. This would include the IT infrastructure related investment or Workforce needs for running the payroll function internally.

Moreover, the chance of getting penalized due to statutory compliance issues considerably reduces when you outsource your Payroll function to Sandero HR through the Payroll Outsourcing Services.

One other benefit would be the speedy resolution of employee queries so that your workforce is much focused on the business goals of your Organization.

Choose Sandero HR as your Payroll Outsourcing Services Partner as we would manage your Payroll related function in the most effective and efficient manner so that you can keep focus on the prime concern of your Organization which would be business growth and expansion.

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