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MSP & Business Development Services

  • Project Formulation, Evaluation and Implementation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Devise Marketing Strategy and plan
  • E-commerce Integration and Management
  • Business Planning and Business Modeling

MSP Services:

Every Organization needs to manage its Business in the most efficient manner. Sandero HR can provide MSP services to manage your Business capabilities and end-user systems throughout the Organization.

Through the MSP services we will remotely monitor and manage your Company’s Business. This will be done through the Remote Monitoring and Administration (RMA) software.

  • Through the RMA software, we will remotely troubleshoot and provide remedies to issues with servers and endpoint devises.
  • Through Remote Monitoring and Administration, we can manage simultaneously your company’s Business.
  • Further with automated scripts, we would handle your Organization’s routine system administration functions and all other business related errors without human intervention.

As more and more of your company’s Business components are getting migrated to Cloud based platforms, we can also offer you through our MSP services, specialized Cloud computing platform with cloud-based backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions. 

Business Development Services:

Competition is all-round, and every Business entity has the prime purpose to grow and excel in its competitive environment. In relation to this, Sandero HR can provide you Business Development Services which will help your Organization leap forward with further growth in your business. Through the Business Development Services, Sandero HR can help your Organization to

  • Workout new business plans
  • Devise workable Strategies to these new business plans
  • And Analyze existing operational plans for finding out avenues that could be profitable.

Thus, through our Business Development Services, Sandero HR will examine the growth potential of the Organization. This will be done with the help of various possible business modules which will help us to seize upon the best of the opportunities that appear viable for execution.  We can further recruit new staff or train existing staff of your company so that they become highly efficient and skilled in the business development function.

Therefore, contact us for all your Business development Service requirements in the following areas

  • Project Formulation and Evaluation
  • Strategic and Tactical planning
  • Business planning and Business Modelling
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Devise Marketing Strategy and Plan
  • Financial Modelling
  • E-Commerce Integration and Management

Choose Sandero HR as your Strategic partner as Sandero HR  can be your one stop solution in the form of Managed Service Provider (MSP) related services and the Strategic Business development related Services. 

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